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IndigoStar Software is a developer of unique and innovative software products.  Established in 1997 and based in Mississauga, Canada, IndigoStar Software is a privately held company.  The popularity of the products produced by IndigoStar Software have led to its continued growth and success.  The company has been profitable from inception, and today continues to be entirely self financed from its profits.

Currently, over 8,500 organizations worldwide use IndigoStar products.  IndigoStar's client list reads like a "Who's Who" in business and government, including:  Microsoft, IBM, Dell, HP/Compaq, Intel, AMD, General Motors, Ford, Shell, BP, Boeing, Airbus, Siemens, and the US Military.  We provide the same level of professional, friendly, fast, expert service to large and small customers.

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