Perl2Exe FAQ Page

Where do I download Perl2Exe Enterprise Version?

Perl2Exe Enterprise Version is not a single piece of software, but a special license that allows you to use all versions of Perl2Exe.  This allows you to generate executables for all supported platforms.  To download Perl2Exe Enterprise Version download the components for each of the platforms.

Installation instructions are in the user manual which is also available on-line at .

Unix versions can be installed on Unix machines or on a Win32 machine.  You can install multiple Unix versions in the same directory.  The Win32 version can only be installed on a Win32 machine.  Perl2Exe for Win32 should be installed in it's own separate directory.

Why do you need a login name?

For Perl2Exe for Win32 this field is optional.  It is a place holder for possible future use.  It also makes it easier to upgrade to other versions of Perl2Exe.

For Perl2Exe for Unix the login name is used to generate a registration key.  The software can only be used on a machine with a matching login name.  If this causes you any problems please email us.

How soon will I get my registration key?

For online and phone orders placed using your using a credit card, keys are send out automatically within a few minutes.

For orders sent by fax or postal mail, orders are processed the same day that we receive them. For US and Canada allow one week week, for international orders please allow 2 weeks. To speed up the order you can also send an an email to let us know to expect the order in the mail. If you key is late, allow three more days, then email us.

What is your upgrade policy?

Upgrades to new minor releases are free for 1 year. A port from one Build of Perl to a newer one is considered a minor release. We issue registration keys which allow you to download and use minor upgrade releases free of charge.

How much smaller does the -small option of the pro version make the executable?

The small option will make the executable about 500KB smaller. A shared DLL, p2xdll.dll of size 569KB will be required to the run the executable.

The reduction from using the -tiny option depends on what loadable modules the program uses.  For example if your program uses only the ODBC module, the -tiny option reduces the exe file by 124K, and generates a DLL of the same size.

Does the pro offer any performance enhancements over the lite?

The speed is about the same.  There is a slight speed up in starting the program (less than 1/4 sec).

Is there a version of Perl2Exe for Unix?

Perl2Exe for various Unix platforms is now available.

For other Unix platforms, please send us an email to let us know what Unix platform you are interested in, and if you would like to be notified if and when a Unix version is available. Also let us know if you can provide access to a Unix machine for testing. To save electrons, nurons and crons, you won't receive a reply unless there are are questions in the email, but be assured that we do read the email.

What is the Shareware Authoring Library?

The Shareware Authoring Library is provided in source code and provides the following functions:

  • The shareware application can function in shareware mode until activated with a registration key.
  • A standalone program for generating registration keys.
  • A special temporary 30 day registration key can be used.