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About Perl2Exe

Perl2Exe is a command line program for converting Perl scripts to executable files.

This allows you to create stand alone programs in Perl that do not require the Perl interpreter. You can ship the executable files without having to ship your Perl source code.

Perl2Exe can generate executables for Windows and Unix target hosts.

Perl2Exe can generate cross-platform code.  For example you can generate code for Solaris from a Linux machine.

Perl2Exe also allows you to create GUI programs without a console using modules like Gtk2 and Tkx.


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  • Feb 9 2018
    Perl2Exe V6.10 for Windows, OSX, Linux for intel/amd, and Linux for Raspberry PI released
  • Feb 9 2017
    Perl2Exe V24.00 for Windows, Linux and OSX for Perl 5.24.x released
  • Aug 8 2016
    Perl2Exe for Linux-POWER V22.00 for Perl 5.22.0 released
  • Jan 19 2016
    Perl2Exe for Windows V22.00 for Perl 5.22.0 released


  • Build code for Windows with Perl2Exe for Windows
  • Build code for Unix with Perl2Exe for Unix
  • Many popular versions of Unix are supported.
  • Cross Platform support allows you to build code for any OS from any other OS.
  • Build code for multiple platforms from a single machine with with Perl2Exe Enterprise Version
  • Easy to use: a simple command will build your code
    e.g. 'perl2exe'
  • Support for bundling of external files such as gif's, zip files etc into the executable

Perl2Exe for Windows is available in "Lite" and "Pro" packages.  The Pro version includes these additional features:

  • Support for the -small option for creating smaller exe's
  • Support for the -gui option for creating no-console applications
  • Priority technical support

Download Perl2Exe

For Perl 5.26.1

For Perl 5.24.0

For Perl 5.22.0
For Perl 5.16.3
  • Perl2Exe V16.00 for Windows (May 28 2013)
    Windows version supports Perl 5.16.3 32/64-bit and Perl 5.14.4 32/64-bit
    MD5: 721cc67ccbffbde69e0df562bc11a567
For Perl 5.14.2
For Perl 5.12.4 
For Perl 5.12.2
For Perl 5.10.1
For Perl 5.10.0

Unix versions contain a self contained Perl interpreter and library,
it does not matter what Perl version is installed on your system.

For Perl 5.8.8

Unix versions contain a self contained Perl interpreter and library,
it does not matter what Perl version is installed on your system.

For Perl 5.8.7
For Perl 5.8.6
For Perl 5.8.4
For Perl 5.8.3
For Perl 5.8.2
For Perl 5.8.0
For Perl 5.6.1
For Perl 5.005_03

* does not include Tk library

Download Perl2Exe Enterprise Version

Perl2Exe Enterprise Version is not a single piece of software, but a special license that allows you to use all versions of Perl2Exe. This allows you to generate executables for all supported platforms. To download Perl2Exe Enterprise Version download the components for each of the platforms. You can install multiple versions in the same directory. Installation instructions are in the user manual.

Unix files are in tar.gz format, and can be installed on a Unix or Windows machine.  Approximate size for each file is 7 to 12MB.

System Requirements

Perl2Exe for Windows is a Windows console application, and requires any 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows, including ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, WIndows 7, 8, 10, etc.

Perl2Exe for Unix requires one of the supported Unix platforms, or a Windows host.  Perl2Exe for Unix contains an embedded copy of Perl.

Perl2Exe for Windows requires an installation of Perl on your machine.